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Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday-stay in bed and shop

The best part of Cyber Monday is you can shop 'til you drop without leaving your bed.  Technically speaking, you' re dropped before you shop, so you can shop longer and do many more price comparisons.
Black Friday sucks with all the parking issues, lines, and screaming kids who are playing with smart -phones in the cart, just to keep them entertained. 
Today in the cyber swamp-some really worth while deals are available for 24 hours ONLY. Walmart has the best deals on a $59.00 tablet and  x-box bundle so low,  you may think that Wally -world will receive absolutely zero profit on the package. 
Kohls, JcPenny, and Sears are all in on the cyber circus although they are not technically attributed franchise.
Free shipping, tools, winter gear, and washer and dryers to keep all your Cyber Monday deals clean and fresh.
Amazon always a leader in sales on this day of shopping bliss. Get your Furby today, before you are back in line at midnight Christmas Eve, just to be the cool parent who really wants the Furby , more then the child does.
Quit reading and jump into the cesspool of cyber Monday Madness. I'm outta here, time to 

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