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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Night Before Jimi Hendrix Died

The guitar guru of not just your time, but of all time, Jimi Hendrix , would have been 70 years old today. I like to think of Jimi in heaven hanging with Ronnie James Dio, and Elvis, of course Jesus would be the band manager. 
That is about the only time I might get a smile out of you during this story.
Being a rock historian, I have read so many accounts of "the night before he died" tales, that none of those stories compare to the melancholy of Jimi Hendrix' last night on earth.
Jimi Hendrix had bankrupted himself, by his obsession and dedication to the construction of Electric Lady Studios.
The very night of the opening of the purple haze haven, Jimi invited all of his close friends to what he hoped would be the best night of his life. Unfortunately it was really his close friends, that contributed to Jimi Hendrix' untimely death. 
A food fight broke out and Electric Lady Studios was left in discord and dismay to the utter disgrace and disgust of Jimi.
Patti Smith, "The GodMother of Punk,"  found Hendrix on the back fire escape, head in hands, and tears rolling down his face. 
Patti asked, "What is wrong Jimi?" Hendrix responded, "My heart is broken, I am in serious dept because of Electric Lady, but that doesn't matter, I love her, and I thought my friends would love her just as much. I thought we would have so many memorable nights here, in this place. Now I have to catch a red eye to London, and my world has crashed and everything here is in shambles. I am in ruins." That was the last time Patti spoke to Jimi. He was so distraught that he went to London and tried to sleep off the depression. On top of a couple of drinks, Jimi took some sleeping pills and never woke up.
I know he is awake now, smiling down on us, and now Jimi lives eternity in the Paradise he wanted to create here on Earth, for his friends who did not appreciate it.

Electric Lady Studios 

(Pictured Curtis Knight - Allen Liffman Photography)

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-Kellie Levans-
Editor- Michelle Dorrington 

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