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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Slap Koozie #musthave for your event 5 stars -review


Remember, back in the day - always wondering -what drink was really yours? How many beverages get wasted at an event because so many of us - reach in the cooler - to grab another drink 
, because we DO NOT know which one on the table is ours, or
to avoid the dreaded germ, or maybe, ours is getting warm. 
What is so great about Slap Koozie, is you can use for your soda, beer, or a hot coffee. Even if you choose a specific design, a good old sharpy , marks your territory. Must have for your next event or family reunion. I have mine-do you have yours? Great stocking stuffer also. 5 Stars 

#slapkoozies Cool & Fun
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