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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Magnus Safety Razor- Not Just For Men -Review 5 Stars


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Magnus Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor Long Handled - 2 Free Double Edge Razor Blades - 

Your Perfect 

 With this trending lifestyle - movement of minimalism- 

Magnus Heavy Duty Double Edge Safety Razor, is not just for the man in your life. 

Magnus #cleanshave was a compt product I was eager to try and review for myself. 

How many of us woman have secretly used our man's razors to get that smooth summer-time

 legs look every time? I can't count how many times - I have heard yelled from the vanity area- "hon, did you use my razor?" I no longer have to hear that - because, 

I now have my own sleek Magnus Razor giving me a clean, 

SAFE close shave for picture perfect legs -24-7-365 

@kidkel69 5 stars -Excellent choice for swimmers, men , and woman- 

Magnus Heavy Duty Safety Razor #cleanshave

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