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Sunday, October 25, 2015

WIN - a pair of SOUND INTONE i65 Review- totally rock #sound #kidkel69

Get Yours Today -review via free product - impressed-submit via email - why you could use a pair of SOUND INTONE i65

When I first opened the box of my cool Sound Intone i65 to review  -I was super impressed with the design and gold plating on the headphones, and gilded gold jack- very sleek, for sure very affordable. The best feature is the inbuilt mic- works with skype - easy switch from music to on-call a must in the music business! I recommend #sound #soundintone for work and play
-Kellie Levans-itunes Review @kidkel69

#sound #soundintone get yours today @kidkel69 iTunes Reviews Kellie Levans

♫ CeeLo Green - Music To My Soul

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