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Monday, October 26, 2015


Get Your Raw Wallet Today

Raw Wallet impressed me the very first night I took it out on the town.

Being a music journalist and fashion blogger, design is top on my list-

When I flashed by Raw Wallet -it also flashed my cash -which was snug and safe- I liked the swift action from purse, to teller, to sitting in the lounge area with my coffee, at the crowded open mic night- I like the security of knowing my cash is safe, and easily accessible - a true minimalist trendy design - recommended by

@kidkel69 iTunes Reviews via Kellie Levans

I love to review trendy products like RAW Wallet- endorsing is a pleasure-

#rawwallet Wallet Credit Card Holder w/ Slim Design for a True Minimalist from Raw #showmethe$ @kidkel_69

♫ Pink Floyd - Money

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