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Friday, February 1, 2013

What Are Videos Made to Order? How does your band or brand get yours?

Okay, so many of you are wondering how to get involved with this video production Rex and I are offering. In this video below,  (you can see I am not a pro singer, but the fun is what it is about) So you buy a green screen for about 18 dollars on ebay-film yourself lip sinking -then sing on separate mp3 file . Send both files and voila this is what you get. You can put yourself on stage with any artist you love, or any scene , you would like Paris, Italy, you can also put your own family photos in the video, use your imagination-Nascar Race-Boating......etc or even your favorite video in the backround.

See the web site here to get involved

Pricing is very very cheap right now, so we can show the world how easy it is. 
Now Once you send those files , it takes Rex a good 5 hours of editing and a heart of gold in production-
Then I take the video and promote it to over 1069 networks.
This is the new age of video and now you can be ALL~MOST FAMOUS

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