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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Piranah , "Crashing Down" on the Metal Scene

The deep blue sea turns black with the release of Crashing Down, from Nashville metal band, Piranah (Orchestrated Records).
Piranah, has more internet buzz and release hype then any other band I have ever reviewed.
Chris Higgins , drummer, of Blue Collar Metal rockers, Piranah, works closely with Social Expansion Network, out of Tennessee, making sure Piranah takes a bite , and chomps up the music market web and world wide.
The title track "Crashing Down, has such an intense intro that the listener is hooked in , with the first double bass petal.
Drummer , Chris Higgins takes the tempo of Piranah, excelling every track into a metal frenzy.
Darren Andrews' vocals are hard core, yet you can tell voice techniques and training are behind the off the charts notes and power he exudes, in tracks like , the title track , "Crashing Down," and "Snake Crawl."
Thorin Milliken- Bass/vocals and Matt Seckinger-guitars, pull it all together with smooth transitional leads by Matt, and Thorin's bass energy , completing the tight sound of Piranah's signature sound and lyrical genius.
Piranah is always somewhere to be found. If it is not the stage, it is at an interview, plugging at radio stations and events , making sure your going to get in on the feast of frantic metal.
From the band :Some bands Piranah has shared the stage with include: Soil, Overkill, F5 (David Ellefson), Warbringer, Doro, Sacred Reich, Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) and Stuck Mojo
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Piranah-Crashing Down

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