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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What is your #Klout and @Kred?

Many of my fans ask , "What is an online influencer, and what does it mean?" 
First of all, if you type the word "influencer" in #Google Chrome or any search engine,  you will get an error response. The word is basically a world wide web invention for your online influence in your area of expertise. #Klout and #Kred are datamines that collect all of the users social media information, such as Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blogger subscribers, Youtube subscribers, Myspace friends and more.
The higher score means more rewards and freebies for the person with the higher numbers. On #klout , you fall in between 0-100 and on #kred 0-1000 ratios.
What does this mean for you? Companies such as WalMart, Pepsico , Ebay, Sony, and thousands more, with more major companies joining this new form of advertising , to gear in on their customer conversations , sales conversions, and many other technical interactions. As the blogger or social network guru, this means money for you. Money to post, tweet, or pin your love of the products you use.
I myself have received free Sony X headphones for my influence in music. I write for the Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner, putting my music influence up there in the blogosphere.
Red Bull sent me a free four pack , just to post my picture with the happy can in my hand. I receive free business cards from Vista and Moo, I also get free magazines from so many different publishers, that it is always a pleasure to go to my mailbox. 
#Klout and #Kred are also important when you join new advertising platforms , such as #Wahooly. Wahooly is a platform that the web influencer (me, you) helps start-ups get the word out about their product or service.
What's with all the hashtags , you ask, some might ask, what is a hashtag?
A hashtag is a web marker that allows the word or phrase to become a metatag , allowing search engines to find the term instantaneously.
On top of all these #perks,  #klout and #kred scores give you prestige. It is more than a popularity contest, it is the new media format for all advertising and communications. I'm in , are you?

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