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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bobaflex-Hell In My Heart

Bobaflex,  what kind of band name is that? One you will never forget. Brothers,  Shaun and Martin McCoy,  founders of Bobaflex, are descendants from the infamous (Hatfields and McCoy's legacies, and are coming to Janesville , Wisconsin's hide away venue, The Back Bar. The five piece band from West Virginia is serious about music and success , but just as serious about blowing old fans and new fans away with their unique sound and power house live show.
I will be interviewing all members of the band on Saturday December 8th. My first question will be , "Is it true, as stated in the wiki report, your band was named after Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from the Star Wars film?"
Bobaflex has kind of haunted me since last year. Almost like I was destined to review them. Incidentally ,   two of my best  friends , Todd and Layne Tipton are descendants of the the Hatfield's in Kentucky. lol
I was sitting in my living room , having a drink I was not suppose to be drinking , and cranking Texas Hippie Coalition over on Youtube.
My friend came over and said , "type in B-O-B- A-F-L-E-X ." I was thinking , wow, what is that, some kind of exercise machine?
I pressed play and hear in perfect unison "Hey...hey , that was my introduction to the track Bury Me With My Guns On, off of  Hell In My Heart  Bobaflex's self produced musical masterpiece.
At that moment I became a victim to the "the repeater," and all of my friends and most all of the patron's at the music store I own were requesting Bobaflex on our local radio station , 95.1 WIIL Rock.

A year went by and one day this woman comes into Rocking Fun Music tm Records , and with this sweet southern accent says , "Have you ever heard of Bobaflex?"
I was like, " more then you know girl. I had a run in with the bottle some time ago, and Bobaflex' "Bury Me With My Guns On ," was my  drinking song of choice."
She told me to hold on , and went to her car and brought me a CD straight from the Demo stage of recording, silver with only the signed autographs of the past line up of Bobaflex.
At that point, as a review critic , I started listening to all of Bobaflex' past and present releases.
Learning that Bobaflex is well versed and loaded with gifted talents that were almost crushed by the music business and faulty record companies and executives.
The single ,  The Sound of Silence , is currently my repeater issue , with coffee in hand, and a jaw dropping expression every time I watch the video on Youtube or press play on my itouch. Being a big fan of Simon & Garfunkel since youth, I can't express to you enough,  to take the time, and  press play on the video below. Hear for yourself the amazing harmonies and melodies. Bobaflex' version of The Sound of Silence , reveals pain staking memories, rising up to  rapturous hopes alive in the listener. I never thought it possible for any individuals to out do Simon & Garfunkel on their own song. But it has been done,  and Bobaflex did it.
My favorite band Cheap Trick,  just might take a second in line to the title " most traveled band." Bobaflex is on the road , and have been for so many years , they really don't know where they are half  of the time. Coast to coast , bar to bar, radio station to radio station , because of their hard work and motivation ,  Bobaflex is now hopping on tour to tour,  traveling to arena to arena. Cheap Trick might have to take a back seat to this band in my eyes too.
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Buy Hell In My Heart  well worth it , 16 tracks of new and old Bobaflex bliss
Shaun McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
Martin McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
John Hoskins- Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Johnson- Drums
Jerod Mankin- Bass, Vocals

Opening bands , are local favorites, Murdalize and Five Star Ruin.

Kellie Levans @kidkel69 @cyberella69
The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner and international journalist -see her on over 1069 networks 

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