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Friday, December 11, 2015

Review 5 stars #beaniescarfset -Warm , fuzzy fun

FuzzyGreen® Cute Unisex Children Kids Baby Hot Pink & Purple Cable Twist Woven Knit Crochet Cable Warm
Winter Hat And Scarf Set+Gift]] When my granddaughter and I opened the compt package for
FuzzyGreen® Cute @BeanieScarfSet - the very first feel, is it seems, by all means to be hand crocheted - it looks like
this product was made by great grandma for sure- the quality and the vibrant colors were fun and exciting- a child usually
does not get excited over winter warm gear, but as you can see in the photo - my grandchild was very excited- when I sent
her home - everyone was asking -who made the scarf set- I just smiled and send my friends and family a link to add to
cart- guess what - not just for kids I had to wear it myself! 5 stars
#beaniescarfset #amazon #stockingstuffer #addtocart­=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_det­ailpage_o08_s00

♫ Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
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