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Monday, November 9, 2015

20% Ferulic Acid with Vitamin C & E Serum 5 stars @kidkel69


As all of my audience knows, I am a big fan of beauty products and must look good at all times being in the public eye , via appearances for The Examiner or ITunes reviews, and also having an online presence, compt skin products to review can be a little scary at times . 
I was afraid to try 20% Ferulic Acid with Vitamin C + E Serum best Serum for Face because in the past , I could not use anything with retinol , and had literally cut out all skin products , that had youthful appearance claims- I read the ingredients for this product and felt very comfortable with the all natural listing - I LOVE 20% Ferulic Acid with Vitamin C + E Serum - I actually carry it in my purse and let my friends try . With even one use you can feel your skin come to life. I have been using for 2 weeks and have virtually taken foundation off my beauty regimen, because I love my new healthy glow. 5 stars recommended and used by Kellie Levans @kidkel69 
#ferulicacid recommended by Kellie Levans

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