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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Music in 2013

We all know the best concert of 2012-was 12-12-12, the Sandy relieve event.
The top selling concerts were The Rolling Stones and The Who.
Most watched Videos were the band Fun, and Mumford and Sons.
That is all old news and a thing of the past, left to recordings, syndication, Dvd's, and Videos over on Youtube.
The best indicator for what is going to be on the Billboard charts and the top of your itunes page, is what is popular right now in Brazil, India, Japan, and Australia.
Over seas has always been the pre-release market that gives the direction of US music sales.
Cheap Trick was an early example of this phenomenon.
Not hugely poplar in the 1970's in the United States , Cheap Trick toured Japan. Over night Cheap Trick became famous.
When you talk to your up and coming musician friends, you can bet, they are hauling their gear and their bodies half across Europe.
Stop looking at the US market and research the charts for the countries named above, then you can be your own record company executive.
It does not take a music guru , to see the trends. They are already there, just a Google away on a smaller , more unknown publication.
Have fun with your friends, and use this knowledge to impress your peers with your amazing music predictions.

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