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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Edge Plus Designer Rock & Roll Furniture

You think that it's already been done, but not like this.
I had a chance to interview the proprietor of EdgePlus Designer Furniture in Burlington, Wisconsin. Imagine that?
I asked , Nathen Edgell, the creator of the rock & roll coffee tables, night stands, novelties and more , how he came up with the idea of Rock & Roll Furniture, and also how he can replicate a band logo legally?
What started out as a hobby has now become big business.
The logo's can be used under the Creative Commons Guidelines with permissions.
EdgePlus Designer Furniture also customizes any band or brand you can think of.
The tables are sanded, drilled out with a dremel tool, stained, and coated for protection.
Mr. Edgell said each masterpiece takes about 56 hours of work.
His work includes, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Metallica, The Beatles, Kiss, and more.
EdgePlus Designer Furniture is shown gallery style at 
Rocking Fun Music tm Records , in Burlington, WI.
The pieces are also available via Ebay, Yardsellr and more.
Now you can own your own piece of rock & roll history.

Custom Orders available -
Edgeplus Designer Rock & Roll Furniture

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