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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bobaflex' Shaun McCoy Hospitalized , The Show Goes On

Saturday December 8th, 2012, will sure be a memorable date for the five guys,  in the Billboard Chart topping band,  Bobaflex.
A near miss show for both the band , Bobaflex  and The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner, Kellie Levans.
In the business of rock and roll, the show must go on, and it did.
 Sam (press contact), emailed The Examiner, Saturday afternoon. She stated  that
Shaun McMoy , a co-founder and brother of Martin McCoy, also of Bobaflex,  had an accident in Quincy, Illinois after a December 7th gig.   Later developments, from his hospital bedside, Shaun McCoy insisted his brother and band mates take the trip to Wisconsin. Shaun McCoy wanted Bobaflex to take the stage without him and do the interview.
A cancellation was in the works, but the four guys decided not to disappoint , the Wisconsin Bobaflex Warriors,  (fans) and showed up to The Back Bar in Janesville, WI , hungry and tired, yet conducted an interview with the Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner and nailed it on stage.

Taking a huge risk driving to the venue , an hour away , with no windshield wipers,  the Milwaukee Examiner team, winged it, hoping the weather would cooperate.
Pablo , met us at the door. Pablo is Bobaflex' right hand man and organizer. We were escorted upstairs to the private band room at the venue.
We stood around while our escort, Pablo,  and the members of Bobaflex, minus Shaun McCoy (vocals, guitar) ,  Martin McCoy  (guitars, vocals) ; John Hoskins (guitar, vocals) ; Tommy Johnson (drums) and bass player, Jerod Mankin,  finished  up with their dinner, then we  were off to the RV to carry on with the interview.

It was obvious,  leaving Shaun McCoy back in Quincy , Il  was not an easy decision. The stress was taking it's toll out on the Bobaflex camp. Bobaflex , had pulled an all nighter and were absolutely professional  continuing on with the interview and show.
Please see  the video below, to hear the first account of what happened to Shaun McCoy,  from his brother Martin McCoy.

An over zealous fan had broken out a window on Bobaflex' RV.
Living up to the bands name sake,  fictional bounty hunter,  (Boba Fett, ) the two McCoy brother's,  apprehended the culprit themselves.
In a fall,  due to the high speed foot chase, Shaun McCoy suffered three broken ribs and a life threatening punctured lung.
As of today ,  (12-13-2012) I am happy to report Shaun McCoy is healing well, and should be back on the road and on the stage in no time.
Bobaflex took the stage at midnight. Opening strong to a huge crowd , who sang along from the first note to the encore, which included both of Bobaflex' chart toppers, Bury Me with My Guns On, and the Simon and Garfunkl cover, The Sound of Silence.  (performances included in video) Both tracks off of the CD , Hell in My Heart. 
I was completely impressed with the bands performance. Drums heavy and explosive , vibrating the entire venue, Jerod Mankin's,   a fresh delivery of bass with antics and gestures that put him in the rare category of Rick Nielson from Cheap Trick,  adding to Bobaflex'  unique stage show, and  "a thousand faces,"  attributes.
Marty McCoy's signature vocals , always a favorite , carried the band,  while John Hoskins held it all together with his striking lead guitar structures.
I do feel I would like to review the band again , with brother Shaun McCoy in row. I believe the energy and
excitement would only double the fun,  with the charisma of the the two McCoys on the same stage.

Be sure to jump on the Bobaflex Band Wagon.  Like Bobaflex  on Facebook, follow  Bobaflex on Twitter, and buy Hell in my Heart today.

Thank You to the entire Bobaflex Camp
The Back Bar Staff
Special Thanks to Sam Jackson, Pablo, Marty and John
The  Milwaukee Examiner team

Shaun McCoy- Guitar, Vocals 
Martin McCoy- Guitar, Vocals
John Hoskins- Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Johnson- Drums
Jerod Mankin- Bass, Vocals

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