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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sony X Headphones WOW-I love having #Klout

If you are here reading my blog, you most likely are a music lover and a social network guru. I like to call myself "The Queen of cyber-space," not to brag, but as a cute nickname for a perfectly pleasant-cyber-tainer. Over on Youtube, I have been called a "promoting machine." I am Kellie Levans, The Milwaukee Rock Music Examiner, also known in these parts of the cyber cesspool, as Internet DJ/VJ @kidkel69. Now all that promoting and #klout is starting to pay off. Years ago I told my friends that the future of the internet waas going to be in digital advertising and I was right on the money, literally. Now I see $$$ when I Tweet, because of the #Izea network, I get awesome "perks" from #klout. I click over to #Wahooly and tweet and post on Facebook to encourage people to visit start-up companies. Is she a spammer? Hell No , all the companies I choose to represent are legit and awesome. I am a notable consumer. My favorite two words are ON-SALE. On top of all the networking , sharing, and posting I do all day, I am shopping on #Ebay, #Yardseller, #21 Forever (Imagine That) lol and more. My most awesome surprise this month was from #Klout-they said because of my "Influence" in music, I was to receive Sony X headphones via UPS. So I Googled (of course) #Sony Headphones-expecting to see about $10.00 ear buds and to the drop of my jaw, I saw a $298.00 price tag. I received my red and silver magic sound head gear, and once plugged into my iphone I heard MUSIC, for the first time in my entire life. I pressed play on my itunes Beatles library and actually heard the ticking of the metronome that the fab four used to keep time. When Simon Cowell was asked to help design the magnetic magnificence of the Sony X Headphone brand, he defiantly was my British idol. Acoustically perfect, I can sit in the same room as my #Black Opps, and #Battlefield 3 co-gamers and NOT hear a peep from -for the only objective I am achieving is jamming with my hot and not to heavy Sony X headphones-having a rocking fun day.

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