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Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to party rock in cyber -space 24/7/365 with Kellie Levans

Wake -up -put on your make -up, yeah right. I will put on my make-up at 4 am when it's time to upload my first #Instagram photo of the day (of me, of course). I will get dressed-up at to film my Youtube ads. By noon , my laptop and I shall walk down to the music store , I own , just to tell my customers, to "hold on," while I finish up my latest Facebook post. I realized while drinking my fake beer (Busch N.A), and lighting a real cigarette, no electronic smoking devise for me. Keith Richards style here at Rocking Fun Music tm Records. As it goes....I realized, I spend time with my parents on Skype, Ping my daughter via free text messaging on #Pinger (itouch), hang -out with 5,000 Facebook friends a day, that I am not only the cyber-queen, I am actually "in there" as my newbie cyber friend calls it. My business partner Michelle and I take our time to help our gentlemen friends make a Facebook, so they will leave us alone, and get their own cyber friends. After Brian (newbie) and I finished his Facebook profile, he called his sister up and said, "hey did you ever hear of Facebook ? " (REALLY) Well, I am IN THERE now."
 I laughed so hard, until it dawned on me, how right he was. I am in there, so are you , if you are reading this. What is so wrong with technology? Nothing. All these so called experts say we do not have enough one on one anymore. I beg to differ. If it wasn't for texting, I wouldn't even know where my daughter was, or how school was going for her. If it wasn't for Skype,  I would never have taken a tour of my parent's new home in Tennessee. If it wasn't for Facebook, I wouldn't be able to cheer my friend up, who is fighting illness, everyday. So as for my day, I believe I will have another fake beer and I will see you on the flip side, which may be Google +, Twitter, Facebook, or if I am really travelling around, might even run into you over on Myspace-oh no , I forgot where that was!

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